YoHome – Easy Rent

Property management for short-term rentals in British Columbia

A wow effect website for a company that helps its clients rent out all kinds of apartments through Airbnb on a new level.


We realised straight away that the site had to target two audiences:

  1. property owners who already have sufficient passive income from their properties, and who find it hard to surprise them with services to promote something that already works.
  2. and property owners who are just starting out in the rental business and need help from an expert with extensive experience.

In order not to take too much time from property owners to explore the site’s services, we opted for the “Visual Interest” tactic: minimum text, more visuals.

Also, working within the idea of Visual Interest, we realised that the site should be designed according to a slide presentation template: without any vertical scrolling, and a single scroll with the mouse wheel should switch the visitor between slides.

Slide switch prototype


To begin with, when the site loads, we see the logo and thus almost unknowingly become familiar with the YoHome brand.

And now the site is up and running! And here it is immediately worth noting our client’s bold idea, which we cautiously incorporated into the site. These are non-standard animated elements, which greatly multiplied the effect of “Visual Interest”. As soon as the site opens, characters like these immediately catch the eye…

Inserting cartoon characters into the interior

As mentioned above, we wanted to introduce them into the site with care, so that it would not visually “hurt”. So it was decided to insert these characters inside the interior as if they were real. Even the direction of light and shadow were taken into account.

aesthetic of the interface

Further on, once the visitor gets used to these characters they notice the minimalist aesthetic of the site’s interface:

  1. thin interface lines;
  2. animations with an ease-in effect and a duration of 0.5 seconds make the site “funky”, “important” and “rich”;
  3. Full-screen photos are engaging;
  4. All controls have a magnet effect for the mouse cursor.

With just a tap of the mouse wheel, you can watch the intricate slide change animation, which in itself is already very pleasing to the eye.

A minimum of text and high quality photographs of real properties do the trick and nine times out of ten the visitor reaches the final slide.

final slide

On the final slide, he can check out the geography of the businesses our clients conduct, and even walk through the actual Airbnb listings.

Targeting landing page for an advertising campaign

There is also an internal page in the form of a Landing Page, where you can find out more about the services.