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It has become one of the leading and growing platforms used for web publications.

WordPress is a web publishing software released in 2003, developed by Matt Mullenweg, used as a personal blogging system to create unique websites and blogs. It has become one of the leading and growing platforms used for web publications. Today, it empowers an escalating number of users, which just started from personal blogs to be one of the most popular platforms. WordPress now enables you to create your own professional and corporate website using its business plan subscription. With WordPress, you can create portfolios, resumes, forums, and other beneficial websites for your market venture. 

  • Creates business websites and eCommerce stores for Free
  • Best-In-Class Security
  • Easy Access for Authorized Users – Multi-user capability 
  • Monetization Tools
  • 200 GB Storage
  • Customize your Site

Creates business websites and eCommerce stores for Free

WordPress has become one of the leading platforms to start eCommerce. It powers over a large scale of the world’s existing websites and is the primary choice as a site builder for leading enterprises such as Sony Corp., TIME, CNN, and even Disney. WordPress is an easy access platform for bloggers, students, and entrepreneurs, for it provides features and functions that help generate your marketing content. It is known for offering open source and free access suitable for small and medium e-businesses. Plus, with unlimited plug-ins, you can create the perfect site for your business and customers.

Best-In-Class Security

With its latest function – security plug-in works to resolve security issues in the core software for installation at WordPress.org. The WordPress Security Team, together with the WordPress Core Leadership Team, is constantly finding ways to ensure you acquire the maximum security for your website.

Easy Access for Authorized Users – Multi-user capability

WordPress can also be managed by multiple authorized users. Your accounts can be accessed from any mobile phones or computer devices given that it is permitted by the main user. By doing this, working and collaborating are now made easy. WordPress is open for different users such as Administrator, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber depending on the availability of roles.

Monetization Tools

More than just your typical social media platform, WordPress now offers features such as Simple Payment Buttons and WordAds, helping you monetize your content. In addition, WordPress enables users to add a store with WooCommerce. Improve your digital marketing strategy, and accelerate your growth by using WordPress.

200 GB Storage

Additional capacity means you can build and update more with WordPress. Besides its powerful Search Engine Optimization that helps you find the right customers for your business, WordPress offers free 200 GB Storage. Now that’s a lot! WordPress believes that storage restrictions and limitations shouldn’t hinder your idea and creativity. On top of that, if you avail your WordPress premium plan, you can get 13GB storage perfect for your embedded images and videos. Need more space? Upgrade to WordPress Business now!

Customize your Site

WordPress believes that creativity is the foundation of their user’s content; with its new customization feature, you can now add your logo, colors, media, and more. Accelerate your company’s growth with boundless ideas and a seamless customer experience on any device.

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