Quick & Gentle Laser Facials

A multi-page landing page where we methodically explain and show an innovative invention in the skincare and beauty industry


The main task was to neatly (without loading the site and the visitor) arrange and structure a large amount of information about this type of services and products:

  1. To tell the facts – why you should choose Quiklaser
  2. Define “Unique selling proposition,” and now it’s “Natural, Healthy, Glowing Skin in less than 10 minutes.
  3. Show Amazing Results, and Real Testimonials in Video Format
  4. To tell about the inventor of this technology

The idea was simple. The technology did produce amazing results in a short time. So throughout the site, we decided to highlight one “amazing success story”. And to make it the main and recognizable theme throughout the site.


Keeping in mind one of the main points of the primary tasks, namely “Do not overload the site with information but distribute it neatly”, we decided in the first block to create a multi-layered slider with three slides. It is an excellent solution for spreading complex and important information on the first screen of the site.

And thanks to the slider on the first screen, we immediately introduced the visitor to the main topic of the site “Melissa’s amazing success story” and immediately told about the main advantages with the help of interactive buttons and the USP “Natural, Healthy, Glowing Skin in less than 10 minutes”.

In the “WHY CHOOSE QUIKLASER?” block, we created little micro-animations that enhance the effect of what is written.

In the block of services we also added an interactive micro-animation, which as if inviting the visitor to click.

In the block our team built an automatic slider with the button “more” which does not move to another page and opens a drop-down window. Very convenient if you want to know more but do not want to leave the page.

In the contact form we have included pictures of skin imperfections. So that the visitor can make a quicker choice.
This contact form is interactive and with each previous step selected, the subsequent steps change depending on the conditions.


The main image at the top makes it clear right away that you can sign up for a procedure online.
And there are three main buttons that seamlessly take the visitor to the desired section. But even after we have smoothly navigated to the desired section, the page menu is fixed at the top and can be used anywhere on the page.
There are interactive “Before/After” boxes.


Here is an interesting interactive animation that literally leads the visitor by the hand to view the entire page, and at the same time explains how it all works.


The blog page as well as the article page itself has a sidebar with fixed information that will always be at your fingertips.


We also made landing pages for specific advertising companies.
Each landing page has an interesting slider with a step-by-step explanation of the procedure from appointment to completion of treatment.