MJ Liquor

Online catalog of spirits from famous rock performers

Hi-Fi prototype, product catalog layout, where the main focus is on the brand strength of each product


We should have made some kind of online liquor catalog. On which the visitor could not only learn about the product in detail, but also soak in its spirit. As a result, be interested in buying products from the owner of this site.


Liquors from famous rock performers in one place already meant something great. All we had to do was to give that greatness a visual form.


We wanted a separate landing page for each drink, rather than mixing everything on one page.

And one of the most important points for us was to show the product in as large a size as possible.
The design of the bottles and labels and the people behind them is the most important thing.

Then the basic idea was born to show the origin story of each drink in photo collages. Whatever it is: landmarks, celebrities, historical moments, etc.

Also, we didn’t want the general catalog (product grid) to look boring or standard, so we decided to add a little animation to it: when you hover over each product in a fan animation appeared all the variations of the product.

A Hi-Fi prototype in Adobe XD was created for detailed understanding