Mermaid Beauty

Beauty and Health Spa

Attractive site with realistic photo-models, and super convenient in making an appointment with a master.


Creation of an updated logo and a new website.

The logo had to correspond to the modern trends, be clearly readable and compatible with the rules of typography (wall-printing, advertising signs, banners, etc.).

The new site should contain not only general, but also useful information for visitors, reflect the level of expertise of the masters, to create the feeling that the visitor by entering the site, is already in good hands. The owner’s services belong to the industry of wellness and beauty services, the site should also reflect this.


Having done a lot of research among sites of similar themes, we concluded that most of them are « pretentious », and use unrealistic photo models, which in fact do not reflect the reality of the services provided. In this understanding, the site should not be formulaic like most sites.

On our client’s site we decided not to repeat this mistake and chose photos of girls without « plastic » beauty, more close to reality.

Plus not a little-important characteristic was the correspondence to the brand color, which goes throughout the site.

Matching photos of models to the color of the brand

Thus, in the design and content of the site formed the mission « Not formulaic and friendly.

Also we decided for each service page to give comprehensive information in text photo and video format. So that they could become full-fledged landing pages for organic traffic.

And on top of that, we absolutely needed a targeted landing page for the ad campaign.


Here we go!

As always, for « speedy » visitors at the beginning of the site you need to create a powerful information slider with a spectacular « holding your gaze » visual.

This slider instantly tells the visitor the most important information. Moreover, it has a QR business card on WeChat. Further, if the visitor is interested in the site, he can also go to the main pages of the site thanks to the sections of this slider.

It’s not just the services that matter to potential clients, but also the « physical » state of them… Visual contact is not unimportant. There is a thing in marketing psychology: if the user has seen the interior, exterior or saw the staff and already knows how to get to the building, the likelihood that he will make an appointment increases by 40%.

That is why the next block is a friendly girl who shows the main points of the interior and exterior, which are very important in such services as microblading, combo brows, Ombré and semi-permanent makeup services, as well as colon hydrotherapy.

Video recording of services provided

And if that was not enough the user can watch the process of providing the service recorded on video.

Make an appointment with a master

After a complete visual immersion in the services provided, you can now sign up for them, choosing a convenient time and date, as well as the master.

Pages of services as small landing pages

Those who want to know about the services in more detail can go to the pages of the same name and read comprehensive information about each type of service.
We tried to create each of these pages according to the landing page principle, in case the visitor starts his visit not from the main page.

Photo gallery

At the end of the home page are two of the strongest blocks in terms of the power of the call to action, these are: photo reports of services rendered and then feedback from happy customers.

blog section

And so that the site visitor is no doubt in the expertise of the masters, we put a section of the blog with articles from the masters, which published super-useful tips and in-depth expert material on each of the services.

Targeting landing page for an advertising campaign