The idea of Instagram centralizes on creating an engaging application that conveys communication through images.

Instagram is one of the leading and largest-growing social media platforms in the present. It was developed by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom in San Francisco. The idea of Instagram centralizes on creating an engaging application that conveys communication through images.

Up to this day, Instagram has been continuously improving its features to be a perfect suit for your business needs.

Expand your business’ reach and accumulate new customers by employing Instagram to your digital marketing platform:
  • Business Advertisement
  • Instagram Shopping Ads
  • Shopping Engagement and Custom Audiences
  • Influencer Marketing and Brand Ambassador Program
  • IGTV
  • Instagram Analytics

Business Advertisement

Social media has become the marketing trend in businesses and became the newest version of digital marketing. As an entrepreneur utilizing an Instagram account can enable you to advertise your products and services through your feed. As of now, over 2 million businesses are utilizing Instagram as part of their digital venture. Join Instagram’s active community by signing up for your very own professional business account! And didn’t we mention that it’s free? 

Instagram Shopping Ads

Supercharge your marketing strategy with Instagram’s new ads feature. Users can now input ads with product tags on posts allowing businesses to maximize their audience reach and boost their product posts. In addition, posts with its product ads function, you can drive consumers directly to a product detail or e-commerce website to purchase and helps boost you generated traffic. Instagram presents all the capabilities in helping your business to raise its brand awareness – posting ads, reach target audiences, and maintain an active connection between your customers.

Shopping Engagement and Custom Audiences

As a business platform and marketing place, Instagram allows entrepreneurs to engage and interact with your customer. Moreover, utilizing its Shopping Engagement and Shopping Lookalike Audiences, businesses can now re-engage their high-intent shoppers and utilize ads to find potential new customers. Furthermore, customer segmentation has been made possible by Instagram’s Shopper Segmentation feature. Creates connections with clients and establishes a customer engagement strategy using Instagram. 

Influencer Marketing and Brand Ambassador Program

The new age of marketing – apart from connections with clients-you can also collaborate with Instagram influencers and brand ambassadors. This strategy, commonly known as « influencer marketing » and « brand ambassador program, » enables you to collaborate with well-known Instagram celebrities and brand influencers. Moreover, studies show that consumers trust other consumers rather than they trust the brand. So, in planning your Instagram marketing venture, it is strategic to plan an effective brand ambassador program.


Thinking on how to employ IGTV content in your marketing mix? Instagram’s latest feature – the IGTV enables you to reach new audiences by utilizing your previously published videos. IGTV is the perfect function in reusing and repurposing your old video materials in stepping up your current marketing. In addition, IGTV can establish your niche audience and highlight product features. Once you had repurposed your videos on IGTV, have a keen eye on your audience’s perception using Instagram Analytics.

Instagram Analytics

If you are conscious about your Instagram account’s engagement, then utilizing Instagram Analytics can be a great way to present your metrics. Instagram Analytics is the best way for you to understand your audience better. Metrics from the analytics shows who your audience is, where they are most active, and what type of post can boost engagement. Plus, the latest Instagram Analytics update has separated « Post Performance » and « Story Performance » dashboards – giving you adequate insights on how each channel drives your brand’s value.