Google Data Studio

Free data visualization platform for small businesses and enterprises that enables you to develop interactive dashboards.

Present improved data reportings: Google Data Studio is an excellent, free data visualization platform for small businesses and enterprises that enables you to develop interactive dashboards and customized, visually appealing reporting. The majority of the features in Data Studio are intuitive, and reports can quickly exchange and scheduled. Google data studio enables the authentication of data, the management of access rights, and the management of structure for use in calculations, transformations, and data visualizations. Using pre-built data connectors, you can easily import data from sources such as Analytics, Google Ads, Google BigQuery, Campaign Manager 360, and MySQL.
Additionally, Google Data Studio will translate your raw data into the metrics and dimensions needed to create visually appealing graphs and dashboards. Organize, merges, explores, and convert all of your data without writing any code or using SQL queries.
  • Refined Data Connectors
  • Fastest Data Transformation
  • Free flow of Sharing and Collaboration
  • Free flow of Sharing and Collaboration
  • Flexible Interface and Usability

Refined Data Connectors

As a person striving to excel in your reports of happenings inside a business or enterprise, you must process and turn your data into a proper format or framework for querying and analysis. Since Data sources attach a Data Studio report to a collection of underlying data by acting as pipes, you can carry home the bacon with the most delicate data connectors provided by Google Data Studio. Each source has a pre-built connector that ensures your data is accessible and functional.

Fastest Data Transformation

When operating a fast-paced business, fast, accurate, and real-time data are critical to meeting quotas or achieving your daily profit goal. As a result, you can become overwhelmed by a barrage of data. However, with Google Data Studio, rest assured that all your data is transparent. All you have to do is convert your raw data into something more complete and analytical method using Google Data Studio’s data filet control feature. The dimensions and metrics of the data are transformed into well-designed charts, graphs, and building templates by Data Studio.

Transaparent Data Visualization

As with numbers, sales, purchases, and inventory are essential components of a company. On the other hand, calculating your data manually is not a prudent option for visualizing the operation’s success in conducting business. That is why Google Data Studio can help you work more effectively by providing clarity and customization services to assist you in engaging and persuading your audience with a convincing data story to understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data.

Free flow of Sharing and Collaboration

Google Data Studio includes features for sharing and collaboration. By sharing and collaborating on all of your Data Studio reports and dashboards, you will efficiently deliver data and leverage your organization for better and structured team performance.

Flexible Interface and Usability

Usability is essential if you want to produce a high-quality product (at the very least in terms of interaction) since it directly affects how your consumers perceive your product (the user experience). With Google Data Studio’s flexible user experience (UX) functionalities, it is easier for your target audience to understand your company’s data and viewpoint. Moreover, while Data Studio was designed with the casual user in mind, its abundance of intuitive features ensures that even experienced analytics teams can efficiently utilize it.