Distillers Pride

Canadian Importers of Premium Spirits

A welcome slider with a very cool animation


The task was simple: create a Wow effect on a premium liquor catalog site.


Any alcoholic beverage with the “Premium” status will have a rich history of creation and a variety of flavors behind it. And we had a bold idea: “To visually convey the aroma of the drink through the screen”.


As always, the idea should not clutter up the site. So we decided to create a welcome animation for the site at the very beginning, and it had to work very, very simply, namely by scrolling down the site. And it must be possible to skip the animation and go straight to the catalog.

The uniqueness of this animation is that it animated scrolling horizontally, while it runs scrolling the site vertically.

Catalog page

In the catalog itself, we made a small interactive animation that draws attention to itself quite well. When you hover over any of the products, a “sunny” glare quickly runs across it.