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Multi-purpose site with internal landing pages for different advertising campaigns


Create a multi-purpose site with internal landing pages for different advertising campaigns, as well as reflect the personal brand of Erin Crawford and her team.

Through the site, get the visitor interested in Erin’s training.

Any visitor should have a lot of opportunities to sign up for training: contact forms, recordings, phone, email, driving directions, etc.


Along with the description of the training and general information, the visitor of the site should be imbued with the spirit and energy of Erin’s team.

In order to get the visitor interested from the very first seconds, there is nothing better than showing the energetic training of real clients right in the process.

Therefore, the insertion of video clips throughout the site should be the main theme of the layout.

Thanks to this video, we made some great cuts for the whole site.


Yes, video on the first screen of the site is very good and increases engagement rates.

But remember that large video files at the beginning of the site can lead to long loading time, and a cold user may leave the site before it loads, thereby reducing the engagement rate.

That’s why we decided to make a small cut of the juiciest parts with a lower bitrate, and download the original video on demand by clicking on the video thumbnail in the lower left corner.

That’s how we maintain high engagement with the video and don’t overload the site with « heavy » video.

In the block « Our Packages » we also used an interactive technique with video: if you put the mouse cursor on any of the blocks, the video runs in the background. Thus increasing engagement and the likelihood of reading the text to the end.

In the next block we placed a « Call to Action », but we did not do it as a standard button and form, and step by step showed the strengths of Erin’s team, which may affect the choice of the visitor: to leave a request or not.

A very meaningful block of the site where Erin’s real clients talk about their successes. The videos are professionally done.

blog page

We also decided to create a blog with Erin’s professional articles. We divided the blog functionally into professional articles and Erin’s nutrition recipes.

Professional Articles

Recipes from Erin

Membership function

We’ve also created subscription services and different subscription packages to choose from.

Personal brand page

And we also created an entire landing page dedicated to Erin Crawford’s personality to reinforce her personal brand.

Landing Page

In addition, we made two landing pages for two different advertising campaigns. Their goal/objective is to collect signups.